Our landscaping items – STREET FURNITURE, i.e. decorative parking bollards, fencing panels and barriers, tree grates, benches, litter bins, bicycle racks and decorative items for vegetation (urban gardening) – adorn and beautify the city. These products are made entirely of metal, but we also plan on combining metal with concrete, wood or other materials to create interesting landscaping. The products presented below are products of our own design, but we can also fabricate products customised to your specifications.

STREET FURNITURE may be made in different forms and from other materials to emphasise specific characteristics of the given city or region. Such items are very popular in many countries because they improve the appearance of cities, thus improving the perception of their hosts. Our technology enables us to also fabricate customised landscaping items.

The photographs below depict STREET FURNITURE we designed ourselves, broken down by type and application:


Data sheets – permanent and removable bollards

Data sheets – automatic and pneumatic parking bollards

Data sheets – parking hoops

Data sheets – planters

Data sheets – tree fences

Data sheet – tree grates

Data sheets – litter bins

Data sheet – bicycle racks