The dependent car parking lift is also referred to as a family car parking lift, and it is designed for two-level car parking. It is usually installed in car parks of residential buildings, primarily apartment buildings and office buildings with low-clearance car parks. Our system can provide additional parking spaces without increasing the car park area. Cars can be parked on the top platform of the car lift both front-to-curb and rear-to-curb. The parking capabilities ultimately depend on the height of the car park space where the system is installed.

For improved user comfort, the platform is made wider at the car lift entrance. The car lift can be used by standard cars with a size of up to: 480 x 190 x 150170 cm (L x W x H). The METAPARK Z 2000 car parking lift may be installed as a single unit or as a system of lifts powered by a single hydraulic power unit. All users have their own patent-protected key to prevent unauthorised use of the lift. The depicted lift is a standard system designed for typical sizes of parking spaces in apartment buildings..


  • two times as many parking spaces
  • inexpensive pre-installation activities
  • durable, uncomplicated hydraulic power unit
  • low maintenance costs
  • dependent (family) parking
  • designed for a fixed group of users